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Back, foot and trendelenburg lowering-uppering heigt adjustment, are performed by 4 motors and the desired position is provided. The bed is designed for hemodialysis therapies, cancer chemotherapy, rehabilitation and others.
All necessary precautions have been taken for the electrical safety of patients and consumers. The sections, which are in contact with the patient, work with low voltage 24V. It is provided by the separate reducing transformer. The power is 220/380 V, 50 Hz and there is an opportunity for change through an integrated regulator.
The chassis of the device is made safe of collapse, the legs are connected to the base by fittings, and the metal parts are painted with an antistatic coating.
The bed consists of three main sections: back, seat and legs, the movement of each of them is controlled by a separate motor. The positions of the bed are adjusted by hand commands from the control panel, which is quick and convenient. If necessary, the bed can be placed in the “Trendelenburg” position immediately, as it happens with one command.
There is a emergency button for the table to return to the emergency response position. The back, seat, foot and cramp support motors operate simultaneously to bring the chair to the emergency response position. This button is painted in red, according to the international rules.
When the press the reset button the table to the seating position (position “0”) from any position. The reclining surface becomes flat and the chair lowers itself to the lowest position when this button is pressed. The colour of this button should be differnet from the other buttons. The angle of the back position towards to the horizon is 75 °. The angle of “Trendelenburg” position is 15 °.
Lengths of the different sections are: back – 75 cm, seat – 55.5 cm, legs – 59.5 cm.
There is one pillow to support the arm and the bed can totally replace a chair. The bed has antibacterial plastic armrests and foot section is easy to clean. On both sides there are hydraulic barriers. The lower part of the bed is painted with an antibacterial plastic material which is easily cleaned.
The movement up and down is performed using a system of springs. There are four lockable 125 mm wheels.
2-Year Warranty
3-Year Technical Support