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About us | Crystal Clear

About us

Crystal Clear LTD. is founded in 2008 and has its own base for producing installations for water and air purification. Our products are made due to our own development and personal know-how. We are certified according to ISO 13485:2003 and our products have CE mark.

The water cleaning systems are using high productive membrane technologies and find application in: daily needs, drinking, industrial and special needs. They are used also in: hemodialysis centers, laboratories, sterilization rooms, pharmaceutics, food, wine and tobacco industries, microelectronics, beverage industry, desalination of sea water and own water sourses.

Since 2013 Crystal Clear LTDprevious distributor of hemodialysis consumables – starts to conquer new markets as a producer with own range hemodialysis products. The new brand of dialyzers is Nephroclear®, the blood lines we offered are Crystal Lines®, and fistula needles are Crystal Needles®.

In the air cleaning area, the aseptic air conditioning has a leading role so that the purity degree corresponds to ISO 5, 7, 8. This devices are basicly used in medicine – to air condition operating rooms, chemotherapy rooms, resuscitation rooms, transplantation rooms, burns treatment halls and others that require sterile environment. Our products can also be used in industry for creating clean rooms with 10 000 and 100 000 degree of purity.

The mobile air asepticizers that we offer can be used for decontamination of hospital rooms, for everyday use in neonatal, hemodialysis, purulent septic, surgical departments and in case of hospital infections. The asepticizers perform decontamination according to а predefined programme and in addition they disinfect all surfaces, even the furniture and other equipment.

For regular disinfection of different work areas with large amount of people flow, we offer fixed air asepticizers. They can be used even in the presence of personnel and visitors.

Furthermore, we offer various equipment for surgical departments, including aseptic scrub stations for use in operating theatres or intensive care units. They are available with knee and elbow contact when using, instead of hand contact. The aseptic scrub station can supply sterile water and surgical soap. There are also aseptic storage cabinet for flexible endoscope, which allow the storage of 8 endoscopes within 72 hours after desinfection programm; storage cabinet for steilization containers; storage cabinet for sterile devices like bed-pans and urinators.

Our company provides all kinds of spare parts, after-sales and warranty service and warehouses for all of the products.

Our exclusive rights are granted by a patent. The manufacture and sale within the territory of Bulgaria is exclusively to Crystal Clear LTD.